How to Start your very own Loop of Knitting Nannas

Get a friend or more, get needles, crochet hooks etc and find a good place for a knit-in. We generally use yellow and black yarn, from the Lock the Gate triangles, but you can choose any colour that suits your particular beef/vegan substitute.  Generally, if it's your MP's office, send them a letter asking them their stand on your local problem (gas/coal mining, pollution, etc) and maybe have a meeting with the MP.  Gently threaten them with knit-ins, and offer them the names of their colleagues suffering from aggravated Nannas.  If it's a mining company etc, send them a letter saying you don't like what they're doing and start your knit-in.  Protest and satire are not yet completely illegal.  Make sure pedestrian traffic is not obstructed - that is the one thing they can throw at you.  Nannas are nice, non-violent and their knit-ins/protest is non-negotiable.  Always be polite, a little cheeky or flirtatious.  If you are asked to remove moustaches or mankinis you've added to their shopfront window, do so and clean up after yourself.  

You may also find yourself cleaning up after other disaffected citizens.  Cranky and abusive people need to be shepherded away, and Nannas reminded if they get a little het up.  Follow the Nannafesto, look after other protesters and above all, have a lot of fun. 
Viva la Nannalution!

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